The purpose of psychological evaluations is to determine what is happening in someone’s life that may be hampering their ability to perform, think, behave, feel, or achieve in a more appropriate or constructive way either at home, school,  or the workplace. We specialize in: Psychological, Neuropsychological, Bariatric, Spinal Cord Stimulator, and Psychoeducational evaluation. Diagnostic evaluations are performed either in-office or at home through teleassessment.

The evaluation process should not be taken lightly. It can help identify what is causing problems in your life and how to fix them so you feel better about yourself, but only a qualified professional will do this for you! We offer evaluations that range from psychological testing all the way down through spinal cord stimulation or psychoeducational assessments which look at different aspects of someone’s brain function

Neurocognitive Screening ($50/test)

Brain neuro-check battery for memory loss, cognitive decline, and attention issues. You may benefit from this test if you have concerns about your cognitive status after an accident, head trauma, behavioral concerns, stress, change in medication, or just curious about your mental or cognitive baseline. Are you receiving treatment and want to monitor its progress or perform an Annual Brain Neurocheck (BNC)

The BNC is a quick and easy way to see how your brain’s performance changes over time. It can help you track the progress of any treatment, as well as detect early signs if there may be something wrong with it before more serious consequences happen!


A psychological evaluation is an assessment performed by a licensed psychologist to determine the exact nature and extent of a person’s mental illness. This evaluation generally involves multiple components, which can include answering questions verbally and completing a questionnaire. At no point in the process is a psychologist judging you, rather, they are working to help you understand and manage any issues or symptoms impacting your life.

After you have been through a psychological evaluation, we’ll create an action plan to help you. This will involve various components including filling out questionnaires and giving interviews about how things are going in life right now so they can provide the best support possible based on what’s needed at this time.

The goal of any psychologist performing these assessments should always remain clear: To help those who need assistance identify ways forward while understanding themselves better than ever before!


Neuropsychological evaluations look at how the health of your brain affects your thinking skills and behavior. A neuropsychological assessment looks at a wide range of brain functions and skills to see what might be affecting learning or behavior. The goal is to find the reason why individuals are struggling. A neuropsychological evaluation measures things like attention span and memory. It looks at other areas too, like language and thinking skills. Neuropsychological testing can pinpoint problem areas. It also looks at strengths and recommends ways to help individuals thrive.

Neuropsychological tests look at how the health of your brain affects everything from memory skills and attention span to language processing. A neuropsychologe assesses different areas in order find what might be affecting learning or behavior, like trouble with grammar that could mean an individual has difficulty comprehending written material due his lack thereof when reading motor plans used while executing these movements – all this information helps provide insight into why someone may have been struggling up until now

Neuropsychological testing can pinpoint problem areas and help individuals thrive. A neuropsychologist will assess your brain’s function in order to find the reason why you’re struggling, then offer ways for improvement that fit with their needs!


A bariatric psych evaluation is done prior to any weight-loss surgery.bariatric surgery has inherent risks and requires highly restrictive, long-term behavioral changes afterward. Therefore, these patients typically are required to complete a thorough evaluation, including psychological assessment, to determine their appropriateness for surgery. This assessment can help identify the strengths and resources of the individual seeking surgery, can prepare for any psychosocial risk factors that need attention, and can provide recommendations to address possible adjustment concerns.

The bariatric psych evaluation is a necessary step in determining whether or not you are prepared for the surgery. This process helps identify strengths and resources, prepare patients regarding potential psychosocial risks that may come up after procedure completion, provide recommendations if needed on how these concerns can be addresses before they arise – all while making sure an individual’s needs will get met during their recovery period post-weight loss!

Spinal Cord Stimulator Assessment

Some patients suffer from chronic pain, particularly back pain that does not remit, despite a long course of a variety of pain management treatments. 


A psychoeducational evaluation sometimes referred to as a psych-ed eval or school neuropsychological assessment is how a student learns. It measures different types of reasoning, memory, and working efficiency. This is in contrast to learned knowledge, like math facts or vocabulary definitions. Psychoeducational evaluations are most commonly recommended for students who are either gifted or having difficulty in school. However, the information in a psycho-educational evaluation is great for every student

A psychoeducational evaluation is a way to measure how students learn. It can help those who are struggling in school, gifted or having difficulty with their learning style and may also be beneficial for all types of learners since it provides information on reasoning skills as well!

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