Microcurrent-Neurofeedback Therapy
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Do you need information on medication free therapies and cannot make it to the office, no problem. We provide consultation for @home microcurrent-neurofeedback therapy and audio- visual entrainment devices you can use at the comfort of your home under the guidance of apractitioner. Research indicates that inflammation, scar tissues from injury, surgery, physical and emotional pain can be on the way of regenerative process, connectivity and healing. Chronic conditions like pain, sleep, difficulty paying attention and poor performance are a likely source of interference with overall Mind body wellness. The microcurrent or audio-visual entrainment device has been found to provide attention, physical and emotional pain relief to many. A single equipment system can benefit an individual and the whole family. Equipment is also available for professional use.


Interested in remote or at home consultation for microcurrent-neurofeedback and/or audio-visual entrainment therapy devices and coaching, Contact Us


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